Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance is wise considering that your marriage ceremony and related expenses can be nearly as expensive (or even more so) as buying a new car.

Did you know that average wedding costs are running upwards of $30,000?

It’s true.

And you don’t want anything to turn your dream wedding into a nightmare!

Weather events, venue closings, dress shop bankruptcies, lost or stolen rings, etc – there are so many things that CAN go wrong on your biggest day.

Yes, wedding insurance can be a vital piece to your overall wedding plan – but please realize that not all wedding insurance policies are created equal!

Here are some questions you will want to ask:

  • Are there policy deductibles?
  • Is there coverage for liquor liability?
  • What are the coverage limits?

Add your own questions to the above and get some clear answers. Most people don’t realize that wedding insurance provides several different types of coverage for your special day, your wedding rehearsal, and even your rehearsal dinner!

The bottom line?

Wedding Insurance helps make things go right if something goes wrong!

So – give yourself and your betrothed the peace of mind you deserve – don’t walk on eggshells just hoping and praying that something won’t go wrong – be prepared.

The minimal cost of wedding insurance to give you peace of mind can be priceless if your special day runs into more than one hitch!

You wouldn’t DREAM of owning a car without car insurance – dream on about your fairy tale wedding day – but with the added assurance of knowing you’re covered in case of the unexpected.

Oh – and I meant to tell you – HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!